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Hard Surfaces

Hard Surface Cleaning & Restoration

Double N Services has remarkable natural non-toxic cleaning agents for all surfaces and provides long-term protection with our DNS Green Low Moisture Cleaning System®. The DNS system technology protects your tile, countertops, glass surfaces, natural stone and other hard floors surfaces against harmful bacteria, pathogens, mold and germs to create a healthier living environment. They create an invisible barrier that inhibits the growth of microbes so everything smells fresher and stays cleaner longer. This reduces cleaning frequency, makes maintenance easier and keeps your surfaces looking new.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services. Hundred year old hardwood floors can be as beautiful as the day they were installed if given the proper care and treatment. Wood flooring comes in different species, construction varieties, and all of them can have different surface finishes. They require drastically different cleaning agents and restorative techniques. At Double N Services we know wood. We deep clean, condition, restore, or refinish hardwood flooring of all types.

Hardwood Floor Restoration. Hardwood floors are a major asset for increased property values but only if they are free of scratches, sticky film, stains, squeaks, discoloration etc. We give special attention to high traffic and problem areas. Whether it's sanding, resealing, waxing, buffing or polishing- Double N Services can protect your investment and maintain or restore the natural beauty and elegance of your fine hardwood.

Tile and Grout Cleaning. Grout is porous and allows dirt and other contaminants to be trapped below the surface. Your tile isn't clean until the grout is clean. Traditional tile and surface cleaning uses soap and detergents that leave residue film on your counter tops, glass and floors. This film actually attracts dirt and over time discolors the grout and hard surfaces. As a home or business owner you know that cleaning your tile and the grout can be challenging. The dirty, dingy or stained grout is almost impossible to get clean using traditional home methods. Normal mopping on tile floors also leaves dirty detergent residue in the grout lines.

No, you don't have to get on hands and knees to scrub your grout lines for hours at a time or worry about unclean and unprotected surfaces. Just call the pros at Double N Services. Our cleaning systems remove the dirt that homeowners can't. We have the equipment and know-how to restore your tile and grout surfaces to their original clean beautiful appearance.

Grout Sealing Protection. Floor and surface tile grout is porous becomes embedded with dirt, cooking oil, grease and detergent residue with if left unsealed. Once it's embedded it requires professional cleaning to remove. Grout sealing is an effective barrier to soil penetration. After professional cleaning, Double N Services can recommends a professional application of grout sealer to make your grout easier to maintain and keep it clean longer between professional cleanings. Call today and give your hard surfaces a makeover.

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